Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for Writing Research/Thesis Proposal

Your protocol should fulfill the following items (Please check for the guidelines required for each item):

 Writing Style:

-Font type: Times New Roman or Arial

-Font size:   12-14

-Line spacing:    1.5 cm

Proposal Items:

1-Title: should be concise, informative, no abbreviations, capitalized as sentence

2-Title page:

A front page containing (Title – Name of candidate – Names of supervisors should be submitted- Year) is needed for MSc & MD thesis proposal

3- Introduction

-Brief in 1-2 pages

-Definition of the problem to be addressed by the proposed research, its importance and impact, as well as a description of previous attempts by others to address/solve the problem, and then define the research gap.

-Emphasis should be put on the state-of-the-art aspects of your proposed research approach

4- Aim of the work

List your research’s objectives, avoiding the use of redundant or vague statements.

5-Material & Methods

a) Place of research

b) Total duration assumed to conduct the research over

c) Study design& sample size.

d) Subjects / patients / animals / cells

e) Inclusion criteria (mention vulnerable groups)

f) Exclusion criteria

g) Method of the research (What kind of measuring instruments)

·Why do you choose them?

·Are they valid and reliable?

·Is it invasive or non-invasive?

h) Ethical considerations (consent)

 6-Statistical Analysis

-Data analysis (which type of statistical method would you choose for your study)

7- References

-Harvard (author name, year) Style and updated (at least 80% in the last 10 years)

8- Arabic Summary

-The summary should briefly describe the problem to be addressed, the objectives of the proposed research, as well as the methodology, expected outcomes and potential impact, if any.

9- English summary and abstract

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